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Reduce Basement Humidity

Create a Healthy Home Environment with Heavy Duty Industrial Basement Dehumidifiers.

The Integra Clean & Dry L.L.C.’s Basement Technologies, Inc. Air Mop® 30 Heavy Duty Industrial/Marine Basement Dehumidifier, is a no-nonsense, portable dehumidifier.

It is at home in hostile industrial, marine or subterranean environments.

It is ideal for eliminating damp musty air from your basement. It is also ideal for finished or unfinished areas, insuring a dry basement environment. You can rely on this durable unit to perform faithfully without complicated maintenance or costly downtime. Just set it and forget it!

bonair humidex

BONAIR by Humidex

A breath of fresh air! Reduce humidity, create a healthy home. Is your home sick?

An easy, efficient way to reduce the effect of damaging and uncomfortable humidity in your home. It creates a dynamic air exchange that expels humid indoor air, resulting in a comfortable, dry, healthy living environment.

the breeze

The Breeze

Clean the air in your home and keep it fresh with the next generation of air purification – the Breeze.

Based on our very popular Breeze model, the AT incorporates our advanced technologies – microprocessor design, infrared remote operation, soft-touch controls – and combines them with our proven air quality system for unmatched efficiency and ease of use. With a free three-day in-home trial, you can try Breeze for yourself with no risk and obligation, just call your Integra Clean & Dry L.L.C.’s Basement Technologies’ representative to see for yourself how the new Breeze Advanced Technology Air Quality System can benefit you and your family.Your quality of life …No matter where you live, keeping your home clean and smelling fresh is important. Wouldn’t it be great to take outdoor freshness indoors – to truly be able to step inside for a breath of fresh air? We would like to introduce you to Breeze.Step Inside for a Breath of Fresh Air!

TIP: If your basement is humid, you might want to consider checking and possibly dehumidifying the whole house. Call Integra-Clean & Dry for dehumidifier or odor advice. 

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