Flood & Fire Restoration


Flood Damage! If your home has had a fire or flood and now you have smoke and/or water damage, you are looking for a reputable company that can get your home back into pre-damage condition quickly and safely. Our team can come to your home, do a complete assessment, work with your insurance company and do whatever is needed to secure your home, prevent further damage and start the drying and repair process. We will rebuild your home, so you and your family can return home as soon as possible.

Prevention of Flooding with our Patented Waterproofing Systems

Once the water is gone, the space is dry, and your home is safe again, we can discuss installing a system to eliminate this problem from happening in the future. Of course, if the flooding is due to a pipe leak, water tank leak or something similar, that would be an event that happened and hopefully would not happen to you again. Also, if the water was caused from this type of event and not a water entry problem from heavy rains or flooding, you should have some coverage from your insurance company, so you should contact them to report a claim.

However, if this event was caused by a rain/flood event and it happens often and always, when it rains heavy, or for days and it’s not associated with river or creek flooding, you need a system installed, to make sure this doesn’t happen to you anymore. We have custom tailored, patented, interior drainage systems that are guaranteed for the life of the structure and fully transferable to a new homeowner, should you decide to sell in the future. This will add great peace of mind to you and your family and stop the worry every time heavy rain is predicted and it’s also a great enhancement to your home’s value.

Integra-Clean & Dry LLC is dedicated to being able to control your environment and moisture in the building, so you don’t have future structural failings and health ramifications linked to the resulting mold. We provide services to homeowners, realtors, landlords and commercial building owners.

Prevention of mold growth and mold intrusion.

Preventing moisture intrusions or containing it and drying the structure quickly is key in preventing mold growth.

Integra-Clean & Dry LLC specializes in water and fire damage restoration and is available for emergency water extraction and soot clean up. We have a large inventory of drying fans and dehumidifiers for rapid drying of structural elements, as well as the valuable contents. Call us ASAP in the event of unwanted water intrusion.

Within the building construction industry, more knowledge is being gained regarding construction techniques which inhibit or prevent water intrusion, as well as materials and systems which reduce the effects of moisture/mold damage. A water proofing system may be the key to your future peace of mind.


If after you get your basement dry, you decide you would like to use it as a living space, we can do that for you too. We are a dealer for Impressive Basements. They manufacture free standing, mold resistant wall systems. You have your choice of wall finishes and colors. This does include the ceilings and floors, lighting, electrical and can include bathroom, kitchens, bedrooms etc. It’s amazingly sound resistant as well. You won’t even hear other parts of the house, nor will they hear you. The walls are completely removable, in case you need to get behind one. They are sturdy enough to hang items on. The best part is, there is no drywall dust to contend with and the project completion length is usually within 2 to 3 weeks, maximum. Not months as is with standard finishing of a basement. We know you would be thrilled.

Contact us at 1-877-DRY-U-NOW and we will begin the process of getting your home back to normal and even better than it was before. We look forward to speaking to you!